Catherine Whall Smith wishes you a “Happy Thanksgiving” and wonders again (Fresh or Frozen) will it be enough!

My past Thanksgiving Day posts on the following dates  November 22, 2013 November 23, 2010   November 23, 2011  November 21, 2012 all dealt with the size of my art, and the size and number of turkeys that I would prepare for our Thanksgiving meal.  But this year I started to think first about “Fresh or Frozen”FRESH_14lbs.

FROZEN_7lbsand my mind wondered to thoughts of “Hand-dyed” or “Commercial fabrics”. I use both in my Fiber Art.  So this Thanksgiving 2014 I decided to cook a FROZEN 7 lb. and a FRESH 14 lb. turkey to be “sure there would be enough”.

When working in my studio I also follow that idea of making “sure I have enough” fabric – so my stash is quite large. Over the past two years I have been using more and more hand dyed fabrics created by one of my colleagues and Studio Art Quilts Associates of CT member Carol Eaton. She creates one-of-a-kind fabrics for artists, quilters and collectors. Each piece is made using only the highest quality fabric and incorporates unique techniques to produce their distinctive look. Each individual art cloth in the collection is signed by the artist. Check her out and on Facebook – .


OUR HOME IS ALSO GOING THROUGH a bathroom demo/remodel – and I fell in love with this image that I photographed of the old lathe that could be seen once the wall tile was removed. I decided to commission Carol to come up with this look in a piece of her fabric for one of my future quilts. Our email dialogue has begun regarding the look that I am trying to achieve. This collaboration should prove interesting and I will post the outcome on a future blog post . . . to be continued. So will you “have enough”???? Happy Thanksgiving to you!!

About Catherine Whall Smith

Fiber Artist working with contemporary textiles.
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1 Response to Catherine Whall Smith wishes you a “Happy Thanksgiving” and wonders again (Fresh or Frozen) will it be enough!

  1. ct2nh2me says:

    You’ll have to let us know how the fresh/frozen comparison goes!

    Happy Thanksgiving!

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