2014 – 2020

Grab and Go (35HX40W)CWSmith.AllRightsReserved

Grab and Go (35HX40W) CWSmith.AllRightsReserved

Twins with Matching Hats(25Hx29W)CWSmith.AllRightsReserved

Twins with Matching Hats(25Hx29W) CWSmith.AllRightsReserved

Tying Up the Hay #9(39HX39W)CWSmith.AllRightsReserved

Tying Up the Hay #9 (39HX39W) CWSmith.AllRightsReserved

"In the Hay Field/ Day"_39Hx44Winches_CWSmith.AllRightsReserved

In the Hay Field/Day (39HX44W) CWSmith.AllRights Reserved

"In the Hay Field/Night"_39Hx44Winches_CWSmithAllRightsReserved

In the Hay Field/Night (39HX44W) CWSmith.AllRights Reserved

Spring Is Here (28HX35W)CWSmith.AllRightsReserved

Storm Coming (28HX35W) CWSmith.AllRightsReserved

Spring Is Here(25H X35W)CWSmith.All rights reserved

              Spring Is Here (25H X35W)               CWSmith.All RightsReserved

Rolled Hay (30HX39W)CWSmith.AllRightsReserved

Rolled Hay (30HX39W) CWSmith.AllRightsReserved

Hip Hop Follow The Dotted Line (29HX36W)CWSmith.AllRightsReserved

Hip Hop Follow The Dotted Line (29HX36W)  CWSmith.AllRightsReserved

Tying Up The Hay #1(34HX34W)CWSmith.AllRightsReserved

Tying Up The Hay #1 (34HX34W) CWSmith.AllRightsReserved