Artist’s Statement

Patterns, colors, and emerging lines are the themes of my quilts. I call myself a “quilter” because the quilting is the ultimate goal in my work. I want to experience the tactile sensation of the hand stitching. My hands work to create the subtle landscape of shapes and shadows that will emerge across the quilt’s surface.

My favorite way to define a shape is with a simple line. This line enables me to explore the spaces created where line meets line or lines overlap lines. I strive to challenge the viewer’s eye with the pairing of shapes and lines that create motion and juxtapositions that result in vibrant quilts. These lines are the voice in my quilts.

Presently, the quilts that I create are strongly influenced by my rural surroundings. Everyday activities are incorporated into my art. My photos record the cutting of hay fields being prepared, rolled, and packed in white plastic, then stacked like sculptures. These images incorporated into my quilts make a statement about the seasonal changes that are occurring around me.

Catherine Whall Smith