Catherine Smith wishes you a “Happy Thanksgiving” and wonders does size matter!

One year ago today (11/23/2010) I posted my question . . . is it BIG ENOUGH  with a picture of a 22 pound turkey.  – I wondered will the turkey be big enough for all the company.  My thoughts also reflected my art at the time – is it big enough.  During 2011 – I tried to get bigger but found I was still exploring ideas that had a smaller format.  So after completing several pieces in the “Hay Series” of lines overlapping lines – I started the Gold Hay series as a diptych or triptych.  It was my way of working larger with individual pieces.  Each section would inform the next – thus Gold Hay #1, #2, #3 were completed as a triptych – 28H x 84 W inches.   (Gold Hay also works as a diptych. )   So fast forward to today and Thanksgiving 2011 – is the turkey big enough – I think so – because I decided to cook two smaller birds (each 14 lbs.) – I guess it’s a diptych  – what do you think??

Turkey Diptych 2011




About Catherine Whall Smith

Fiber Artist working with contemporary textiles.
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