Catherine Whall Smith wishes you a “Happy Thanksgiving” and wonders (again) does size matter!

Two years ago I posted – I contemplated if my 22 pound turkey would be “big enough”.     My goal at that time was one of producing larger sized hand-quilted fiber art.  A year later  ( I reflected on the fact that I had explored a larger format with triptych’s and diptych’s – and I had decided to cook two 14 pound turkeys that would certainly be  “big enough” .

"Gold Hay #6" 2012 CWSmith (60H x 60W inches)

“Gold Hay #6” 2012 CWSmith (60H x 60W inches)

In 2012, my pieces have become larger.  The picture above shows “Gold Hay #6” hung behind the pan that is my favorite way to cook a turkey.  This roasting pan was given to me by my mother-in-law Marge many, many years ago when I suggested that I might “do Thanksgiving” that year.  I immediately became the owner of “the Turkey Roaster” and continued to “do Thanksgiving” from that day forward.  The turkey this year is a 16.9 pound Free Range Barrel Brined, No antibiotics ever, fed all vegetable diet, no growth hormones, complete traceability to farm TURKEY!

 It fits the roaster – so it will be “Big Enough”.

HAPPY THANKSGIVING – may everything be “big enough”!

About Catherine Whall Smith

Fiber Artist working with contemporary textiles.
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