Catherine Whall Smith is thinking . . . what are the chances of “that” happening!

Because I enjoy the tactile sensation of hand stitching, I quilt all of my art work by hand. This hand work changes the drape of the piece as more hand stitches are applied to the three layers.  Hand quilting also makes the art work very portable.  So recently my husband was driving, and I was quilting and all of a sudden my favorite silver Tailor’s Thimble (a thimble without a top) popped off my finger and fell to the side of the passenger seat near the door.  Since I couldn’t reach the thimble, my thought was that I had to be careful when I opened the door to get out, so that the thimble wouldn’t fall out and be lost.   Soooooooo as I get out of the van to do a little food shopping – a shopper notifies me that something has dropped out of the van – I look – and there are my gloves on the ground – and my favorite sterling silver thimble nearby.  I think “great there is my thimble”. – So as I pick up my gloves and get ready to get the thimble – my husband drives off in our Toyota Van.  And, as dumb luck would have it the Van’s rear wheel goes DIRECTLY over the thimble – and as they say it is now “AS FLAT AS A PANCAKE“.

Here is how it looks next to a regular thimble.   So what are the chances of that happening???IMG_5351Flattened Tailors Thimble next to regular thimble

About Catherine Whall Smith

Fiber Artist working with contemporary textiles.
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2 Responses to Catherine Whall Smith is thinking . . . what are the chances of “that” happening!

  1. Wow that is amazing! And quite sad! I use a Thimble when I hand sew, I have favorite thimbles that I have had for a long time.It is actually hard to buy new good thimbles.
    I have Thimble collection, mostly made of china.
    Karen Kebinger.

    • Catherine Whall Smith says:

      Hi Karen, Thank you for your comment. I’m always on the lookout for sterling silver Tailor’s thimbles – usually at Antique Shows.

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