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Catherine Whall Smith . . . works in a series WHY???

As you may have noticed, I usually work in a series. A SERIES is defined as a group or a number of related or similar things, or events, arranged or occurring in temporal, spatial, or other order of succession.  My … Continue reading

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Catherine Whall Smith . . . thinks as Memorial Day weekend approaches – will we still practice “Social Distancing”.

Are we going BACK to this?OR, be safe and continue to practice social distancing this Memorial Day Week-end. There are always more ideas being generated for my “Barriers” series.  Maybe adding the color yellow, like in my photo below of … Continue reading

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Catherine Whall Smith . . . . is working on hanging SIX FEET apart!

My previous post on March 27, 2020 https://catherinewhallsmith.com/2020/03/27/catherine-whall-smith-is-staying-home-stitching-in-her-studio-and-sending-the-cwa-show-up-date/  showed the beginnings of the two pieces I just completed. Titled “Hay . . . Keep Your Distance”, they are a reminder of our present “Social Distancing”. These two pieces have a … Continue reading

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