Catherine Whall Smith . . . . is working on hanging SIX FEET apart!

My previous post on March 27, 2020  showed the beginnings of the two pieces I just completed. Titled “Hay . . . Keep Your Distance”, they are a reminder of our present “Social Distancing”. These two pieces have a ton of hand quilting, which was easy to do as I’ve been spending lots of time watching the CNN updates and admiring Dr. Fauci’s ability to “Stay Calm and Carry On”.  So, I decided to take the current social distance advice and hang them 6 feet apart as a reminder to myself as to what that distance looks like.

Even the birds are turning away from each other

So keep your distance and don’t forget that mask!

About Catherine Whall Smith

Fiber Artist working with contemporary textiles.
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2 Responses to Catherine Whall Smith . . . . is working on hanging SIX FEET apart!

  1. Brown says:

    They are all wonderful Catherine. So happy and cheerful in this time of standstill. Thanks for sending out this post to cheer those of us who need to see your beautiful creations. I hope you and your family are doing well. Diane


  2. Thanks Diane, I can’t wait to see what you are up to in your studio !

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