Catherine Whall Smith . . . works in a series WHY???

As you may have noticed, I usually work in a series. A SERIES is defined as a group or a number of related or similar things, or events, arranged or occurring in temporal, spatial, or other order of succession.  My latest series is titled: “Hay . . . Keep Your Distance”. Each piece in this series includes many wonderful commercial fabrics, artist hand dyes and one of my photo images of a single hay bale that has been printed on treated fabric.


I use a product called “Treasures” by Dritz.   Right now I am stocked up, as a few weeks ago when I started to purchase on line – it was really hard to find; extraordinarily expensive or “Out of Stock”.  Before the pandemic I never had that problem!  I found a fabric shop in California that had 3 packages left in stock – so I purchased them all.  A nice hand-written note by the shop owner came in the package. I will keep that shop on my “Buy from this Lady” list.


I also work in more than one series at a time. “Barriers” is my new series with lots to learn from it’s execution. Even the title makes me think – “what are my barriers; age, health, heritage, money, time”, the list goes on and on.  A series can be two or 50 and counting, as it all depends on what type of story you’re telling and how long it takes you to tell that story. So what is my story – and what is yours!  Stay Safe . . . Keep Your Distance!

About Catherine Whall Smith

Fiber Artist working with contemporary textiles.
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4 Responses to Catherine Whall Smith . . . works in a series WHY???

  1. Helen Weingart says:

    I really enjoy your perspective and your artistry.

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  3. Norma Schlager says:

    I just iron freezer paper onto good white cotton fabric from Test Fabric that I use for dyeing. It works for me and a lot less expensive. It was good “seeing” you on Friday. It’s been a long time.

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