Catherine Whall Smith . . . thinks as Memorial Day weekend approaches – will we still practice “Social Distancing”.

Are we going BACK to this?OR, be safe and continue to practice social distancing this Memorial Day Week-end.

There are always more ideas being generated for my “Barriers” series.  Maybe adding the color yellow, like in my photo below of the plants that I just dug up. Eventually all these hostas will find a new home.

In my studio, I continue to work on “Barriers” – I’ve started to play around with some green fabrics with the addition of little squares.

 “Hay . . . Stay the Distance” #3 is almost completely hand quilted. I ran out of gold Gutterman Cotton thread so I’m waiting for my mail order to arrive soon. I will post the finished piece in a future blog.


If you are making masks , here is a contest just for you! Artists, designers, and creatives of all types and ages have been passionately responding to the current need to cover our faces. The Museum of Craft and Design is launching Let’s Face It, a nationwide craft and design mask competition and community gallery. From the practical to the avant-garde, we are curious to see what you are creating and share it with the world.     Let’s Face It   –  Deadline to enter is May 31, 2020
Enter your design today!



About Catherine Whall Smith

Fiber Artist working with contemporary textiles.
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