Catherine Whall Smith . . . thought SHE was a stickler for “the details”.

Even though my art reflects a randomness of lines – each of my pieces is well thought out to create that visual.  Shown below right, each line added impacts the “before” and “after”. 

Recently my husband (while reading “Alexander Hamilton” by Ron Chernow Penguin Press New York 2004 pge. 564) shared this passage. ” A chronic stickler for etiquette, Hamilton entered into the minutiae of protocol and dress. . . . The most fastidious tailor could not have dictated more precise instructions for Washington’s uniform. “A blue coat without lapels. lining collar and cuffs of buff, yellow buttons and gold epaulettes of double bullion tag with fringe, each having three stars. etc. .  . . For his boots “Long boots with stiff tops reaching to the center of the knee pam . . . ” and on and on! His mind percolating with ideas!!!!

As I create these “Dress” pieces shown in progress on my design wall I too thought of  “the details” – “large round buttons . . a slashing line here and there, side pockets, and lots of dots!” When complete these pieces combined with a third will be “Transfusion #12”.







LOOKING BACK at some of the stages of the”TRANSFUSION” pieces – when almost complete, I decided one more line needed to be inserted into the piece shown below. I carefully marked the section with pins and then took my rotary cutter and slashed the line. Later at the sewing machine I stitched in one of the Karen Lewis black and white “Kite Tail” fabrics – adding some more detail to the piece.        

NOTE:  If you are looking for something to do before the Super Bowl on Sunday, Feb.7th, why not attend a virtual SALON TALK from    1 – 3pm by some of the artists in the “MixMaster Show” show. I plan to participate. You can register for the virtual event here: .                                 Stay Safe . . . Smith Stitch Studio!

About Catherine Whall Smith

Fiber Artist working with contemporary textiles.
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