Catherine Whall Smith . . . had a “studio pause” to meet a deadline.

Just when everything was going great in my studio as I worked through some ideas including adding my signature slashing lines inserted “after the fact” (see below)


for “Transfusion 12” – THE DRESS PROJECT, an email reminded me of my February 15th deadline.  Last October I signed up for the Brooklyn Library “Sketchbook” project.  As usual I started collecting stuff, and editing ideas until I felt I had a “vision” of what I would do.  Well, time got away from me – so this week I was able to pull it off and complete my Sketchbook. 

Actually I am pleased with the results. It’s focus is my “Hay . . . Keep Your Distance” series.  Not so much the process but a documentation of the pieces with my blog posts that supported the completion of the 12 quilts.  I even went back to add some of the United States infection rates and numbers of deaths during the time I was constructing those pieces. Packed up and ready to be mailed it rests against the recently completed (12H x 12W) – “Bathroom Renovation” piece. My photo image in “Bathroom Renovation” shows the lathe when we removed all the tile on the bathroom tub/shower walls many years ago.

SO WHAT DEADLINES are you working on?  Which reminds me if I am going to make a couple of Fall 2021 deadlines I better finish and get “Transfusion#12” (approximate size 60H x 90W) off my design wall to start the many weeks of hand quilting.   Happy Valentines Week-End!  Remember if one MASK is good TWO are better. BTW – I just received my 2nd Covid shot. Stay Safe . . . Smith Stitch Studio!

About Catherine Whall Smith

Fiber Artist working with contemporary textiles.
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