Catherine Whall Smith . . . wonders where what she sees GOES!

Everyday like you I see lots of stuff – most of which I take for granted that it will just be there.  Our 1830 house has a back staircase that I use all the time to get to the second floor and then up to my third floor studio. Maybe this small unassuming stairwell was the “servants’ staircase.  Our children used it all the time for sliding down on pillows.  Below right is a picture of a framed art poster with a piece hung above that just came out of my studio. The art poster is from the Rothko September 2008 – February 2009 Tate Modern London England show that I had the good fortune to see in London, England.  I have to think that seeing that Rothko everyday, day in and day out for years implanted something in my brain.  Color choice slightly similar.

The photo image in my piece is of a door titled “Corn Crib” on an out building at the Joshua Trust Farm.





I took the photo years ago and recently decided to use it in this piece. It includes; commercial fabrics, a piece of photo fabric of wood, and a wonderful dyed piece from Susan Knight Ober – Check Out:

“Corn Crib” is 16H x 32W mounted on stretch canvas.  I never intentionally decided to reference the colors in the Rothko piece – it just happened.  So what are you “SEEING” and what is “HAPPENING” in your studio?   Stay Safe!  . . . Smith Stitch Studio!

About Catherine Whall Smith

Fiber Artist working with contemporary textiles.
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