Catherine Whall Smith . . . found “THIS”, while looking for “THAT”

Since the 12 pieces of the “Hay . . . Keep Your Distance” series are finished, I decided to work on the cows image that I’ve had on my design wall for quite a while!

I like the way they are all huddled together – this picture shows them printed on fabric – but I needed to find the original image, so that I could play around with it on my computer, before printing it on fabric. Taken at the nearby Knowlton Road Farm, my first guess was that it was somewhere on my computer – NOT THERE! So maybe on a CD disc – NOT THERE! 

But then, in my search, I came across a lone disk in a Kodak envelope – NO COW PHOTOS there – but instead several images of “Orange Peels” (47H x 50W) in the design phase. The “Orange Peels” piece (shown right) was completed  in  2008.  At that time I was in love with the Art of Vuillard, a post Impressionist Master. The pictures below shows sections of “Orange Peels” in the early design phase. Completing sections gave me the ability to arrange and rearrange them on my design wall – before the final stitching.



The picture below shows “Large Interior with Six Figures” (pg. 60-61) of my pocket Vuillard book propped against my piece in the final stages on my design wall.

Immediately my thoughts contemplated “divine intervention” – maybe I’m suppose to revisit “Orange Peels” as a series ???? – OR Keep looking for that original cow image.

Sew what are you looking for? . . .. Weigh your options – 1. Keep going down the present “looking for the cow” path to nowhere, or, – 2. REVISIT the PAST!   Go Vote!               Stay Safe! Smith Stitch Studio

About Catherine Whall Smith

Fiber Artist working with contemporary textiles.
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2 Responses to Catherine Whall Smith . . . found “THIS”, while looking for “THAT”

  1. WILLIAM S. BROWN says:

    Hi Catherine,

    Hope all is well with you as numbers increase all around us. Your blog is so witty and wise. You should be writing books as well as quilting fabulous quilts. Happy Holidays to you and your hubby. Diane


  2. Catherine Whall Smith says:

    Thank You! Stay Safe, Catherine

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