Catherine Whall Smith . . . being in Control of WHAT!

Recently, I read that Artists really like to be in control, and I totally agree.  Whether we use, paint, clay,  fabric, or some other medium we get to decide what happens and what the out come will be.  Right now with the Pandemic looming – the outside world is not in my control – but in my studio, I feel safe, secure, and in control.  There is always “one more de-cluttering task to start or complete”.

For many of us, de-cluttering serves as a sort of mental palette cleanser. It turns out there’s plenty of science behind this sentiment. “Our brains can process information more clearly and efficiently in an organized space,”  “Human beings like to feel in control of themselves and of their surroundings.  We prefer predictable environments that provide a sense of stability and calm.”

When I completed “Hay . . . Keep Your Distance #9  “Joined by the Hand Cuffs”, and #10 “Burning Embers” (Size 41Hx51W). – I decided to be in control of how these two pieces would be hung. The birds are out of control and not using “social distancing” as in previous pieces, but instead are lined up side by side. The two pieces are hung with a sleeve on a flat stick with one of my masks in the void that connects the two pieces. The Black and White prints all came from my present studio stash. Limiting the number of different prints – kept me in control.

Sew what are you trying to be in control of –  Health? Time? Money? Corona Virus? or the Every Day Life’s Events.

Stay Safe . . . Smith Stitch Studio!

About Catherine Whall Smith

Fiber Artist working with contemporary textiles.
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