Catherine Whall Smith . . . so what are those COWS up to NOW!

Happy Halloween Week-end and FIRST snow in CT!  Here’s the UP-DATE on those cows! –  – So I decided, even though I couldn’t find the original j.peg image to just go ahead and take a photo of the photo that was printed on fabric.  Using a former image and making it new again! I ran the image through my printer twice to max up the color. Pretty good and it did motivate me to start a new piece. The image was flipped to have a larger herd of cows.  Title? –  You guessed it  “Herd Immunity”, or “Guess Who’s Coming to Dinner”.  It will be 18H x 36W as I plan to mount it on a canvas.  It’s still in the hand quilting stage. (see below)

CWA 2020 Online National Open Juried Exhibition – Oct.28th – Nov. 30th. – A piece by Diane Cadrain and my “The Joy of the Ride” was juried into this show. A Juror’s Award went to “Cellular Orangelles” by another SAQACT member Mary Lachman. View the exclusively online show hosted by Arts Center East at . THANK YOU Executive Director: Jennifer Kowal.

OUR STORY – The CWA 2020 National Juried Exhibition showcases the art of women from across the United States, working in media as diverse as painting, mixed media, drawing, collage, printmaking, fiber art, photography, and sculpture. The juror, Carol Padberg, is an artist and directs the University of Hartford’s Interdisciplinary MFA at the Hartford Art School. Connecticut Women Artists, Inc. has promoted women artists for over 90 years. Beginning in 1929 with a small group of some of the most outstanding American women artists of that era from Connecticut, CWA has grown to what it is today.

NOTE:  On television this week I viewed citizens standing in line while social distancing to vote early.  Many had to stand for hours; some old, some young, some with children in hand. No matter the outcome of the 2020 election we at least should be proud that so many listened to the message “Go Vote”! There is still time!  And Set Your Clocks BACK .   Stay Safe! . . . Smith Stitch Studio

About Catherine Whall Smith

Fiber Artist working with contemporary textiles.
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2 Responses to Catherine Whall Smith . . . so what are those COWS up to NOW!

  1. Cathey LaBonte says:

    Good morning Catherine, I love the direction in which you took your cows! Sometimes your art makes you travel down unexpected paths; that’s always my favorite part of creating. Keep up the amazing work!

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