Catherine Whall Smith . . . is “taking down” and “hanging up”!

Next Thursday (2/28/2019), I plan to be at the Art Corridor on the Saint Raphael Campus of the Yale New Haven Hospital for the “taking down” of the joint February 2019  show of fiber art created by me and paintings by Linda McCarthy. Below left is a photo of the “hanging up” last month with Jane Snaider and her assistant.







Shown above right “Are You Leaning to the Right” (12Hx12W) – hand stitched and mounted for easy hanging. My photo image in this piece was taken at the Joshua’s Trust @ Historic Atwood Farm, in Mansfield, Connecticut – .  All my photos are digitally applied to treated cotton.

Not all the pieces were up at this point, but the final product looked great. This is the list of my pieces in this show;

No.#   Title                                               Size                Price

#2  – “Twins With Matching Hats”     –  25H x 29W  –  $250

#4  – “Hay For Sale”                               – 12H x 12W    – $85

#6 – “Green Replaces Pink”                  – 12H x 12W    – $85

#7 – “Chorus Line”                                 – 12H x 12W     – $85

#9 – “Are You Leaning to the Right!” – 12H x 12W  – $85

#10 – “Transfusion #4”                         – 40H x 48W  – $900

#13 – “Hay Leave Me Alone #1”          – 24H x 24W  – $125 (each) $200 both

#14 – “Hay Leave Me Alone #1”          – 24H x 24W  – $125 (each) $200 both

#17 – “Transfusion #5”                         – 15H x 24W   – $175

#19 – “Black Takes Over”                     – 12H x 12W     – $ 115 Frames – $85 Unframed

#  ? –  “So Many Reds”                           – 12H x 12W     – $ 115 Frames – $85 Unframed

The day before the “Taking Down” next Thursday at Yale, Joan Blade Johnson and I will be busy on Wednesday, February 27th “Hanging” another dual artist show – “Stitched” Fiber Art by Joan Blade Johnson and Catherine Whall Smith. Located at the Ruth Wells Center for the Arts, 111 Main Street, Southbridge, MA. Reception and Artists Gallery Talks, Sunday, March 3rd, 2 – 4p.m.  Once that “hanging” is complete I will post some images and the Title/Size/Price list.

Hope it doesn’t snow on any of those days!!!

About Catherine Whall Smith

Fiber Artist working with contemporary textiles.
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  1. Helen Weingart says:

    Your creativity includes a sense of humor. thanks for making me smile.

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