Catherine Whall Smith is getting ready for “Turkey Day”

Catherine Whall Smith is getting ready for “Turkey Day” and wonders about the idea of art being the sum of it’s parts.  This is my 8th Thanksgiving post, last year I posted So much has happened since that post – I’m sure we have many stories to share – good and not so good – but in the spirit of being thankful I hope there are many things that you can reflect on and be thankful for this year.  My Thanksgiving dinner this year will include a whole turkey and a turkey breast – to be sure there is plenty of meat to go around.  The turkey is the sum of it’s many parts; the legs, wings, breast, white meat, dark meat, etc.  Each one of us has a favorite part.

When I finished “Transfusion #3″ and posted; – I was taken by it’s size (43H x 73W).  But then I started to really look at the various design statements throughout this piece.  I then photographed 12″ x12” sections of this quilt and decided to reproduce these ideas again in a smaller format.  Kind of like deconstructing the whole into it’s parts.  So far I have completed two of these 12×12 tops and will post some of those images soon.

Back to Thanksgiving 2017 – though the perfectly cooked whole turkey or completed whole quilt is a goal sometimes the “parts” can be more “tasty”.  What is your favorite part or are you one of those “just give me some stuffing and gravy” addicts?

NOTE: The picture posted above is my Thanksgiving table 2016 – the scenic painting is a piece that I purchased from Barbara Lussier, a local artist who will be participating in the Artists’ Open Studio of Northeast Ct. – check out this link for more information . So push yourself away from that table and get ready for some exercise by joining these artists in their studios and local venues.


About Catherine Whall Smith

Fiber Artist working with contemporary textiles.
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  1. Babs says:

    Thank you! Happy THANKSGIVING

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