Catherine Whall Smith . . . like you wonders HOW!

So maybe it is time to share this post that has been on my wordpress site in my draft mode for awhile – so many senseless shootings, injuries, and deaths since I typed these words many months ago in late 2015. Here it is; Like you I keep thinking “HOW” can we prevent what happened at the Orlando Nightclub from happening again.  Sometimes it is difficult to share my art which is really a personal journey for me.  But I will share this piece which I created several months ago around the time of the San Bernadino shootings. IMG_3791

IMG_3791 (1)Here is my statement about that piece; “Black, Blue, and Bruised” continues my personal journey to explore and understand the world in which I live.  Though the hay fields and farms that surround me seem tranquil there is always hidden meaning in what I observe and photograph. One example is the central hay bale image in my quilt. It is covered with black plastic to protect it. Look closely and there seems to have been some sort of disturbance. Light blue duct tape has been used to keep it together.

“How” did this happen is the question I ask. Like the chaos in the world today, I wonder what has brought our society to this somewhat military state. Why do some deal with personal discord by shooting and injuring others. How do we protect and understand what is going on with this “Bruised” being? The panels on either side incorporate my photo images of these plastic covered hay bales in a protective state lined up with each other. My question, “if we join together will we be able to have a dialogue and understand what we need to do?



About Catherine Whall Smith

Fiber Artist working with contemporary textiles.
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