Catherine Whall Smith . . . shares a story about the Gurley Tavern or better known as “The Quilt Shop” in Chaplin

When we moved into our home over 40 years ago – our neighbor at the time was a local legend – Ruth Snow Bowen, one of the foremost quilt makers in Connecticut.  Her home was known as The Quilt Shop. IMG_2607One of her favorite quilt patterns was the “Grandmother’s Flower Garden”. I am privileged to own the very last quilt that she completed in that pattern, and will have it on display in my home for CT OPEN HOUSE 2015.  “Her home called the Gurley Tavern, c. 1822 was built as a stagecoach inn the year Chaplin was incorporated. In the photo to the right you can see the molded pilasters with decorated capitals that frame the entryway.   The Chaplin Post Office was located in the downstairs north parlor from 1950 to 1965.”  (Historic Homes of Chaplin Village by Johanna Philbrick).  Here is a better view of one of the lovely and inviting side entrances;


 So, in the tradition of having a Quilt Maker in Chaplin the “Quilt Shop” logo seems to have moved to my home @ 44 Chaplin Street.  Where I, like Ruth design and hand stitch original art work.

About Catherine Whall Smith

Fiber Artist working with contemporary textiles.
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3 Responses to Catherine Whall Smith . . . shares a story about the Gurley Tavern or better known as “The Quilt Shop” in Chaplin

  1. Pat Dubos says:

    I remember her well. It’s great that you are gifted with the same artistry. It’s what helps to make Chaplin a special place. I particularly remember that she did not wear glasses. It seemed pretty amazing considering all her years of “close” work. >

  2. Matt Lutynski says:

    My mom bought that house from Mrs. Bowen in 1984-85 time frame and I remember her being a fun person to be around. I was 12 at that time and she gave me some of her late husband’s balsa wood model airplanes and some of his firearms. I thought she was soo cool. My mom tried to renovate/restore the house, but it was in too much disrepair for her to handle.

    • Catherine Whall Smith says:

      Hi Matt, So good to hear from you. I remember your Mom and you. Sorry she had to give up the Bowen house. The couple that bought it did an amazing job of restoring it and taking care of the issues. They were builders from Nantucket. Eventually they sold the house to a woman, who still lives in the house. Chaplin street has had several “newbies” to the neighborhood in the past few years. Stay in touch.

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