Catherine Whall Smith. . . thinks sometimes it is hard to visualize the “real” size of art

Did you ever look at a piece of art photographed in a book and then when you actually saw it’s real size wondered why it was so much bigger or smaller than you had imaged?  Since many of us have a frame of reference that quilts are bed size it may be hard to imagine that many present day Art Quilts can have a much smaller or larger real size.  Many of my line pieces start out small and then “grow” as I start to assemble them.  The movement of the curved lines across the surface of the quilt encourages me to create more and more of this movement.  In Gold Hay #6 the piece grew to a finished size of 60Hx60W inches.  Shown below it is hard to tell it’s real size;


 Hung on a wall you have a better idea of it’s real size;



this close up photo shows the hand stitching of one section

So what do you think is the real size of this piece?

2012 - "Views" CWSmith.All rights reserved - SOLD

2012 – “Views” CWSmith.All rights reserved – SOLD

About Catherine Whall Smith

Fiber Artist working with contemporary textiles.
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