Catherine Whall Smith – wonders in an election year – do your quilts have political themes?

Four years ago when we were in the midst of searching for a Presidential candidate for the Democratic Party, I was working on this piece that incorporated images of past United States presidents.

"Where's Hillary" 2008 (Full View) CWSmith.All rights reserved

“Where’s Hillary” 2008 (Full View) CWSmith.All rights reserved

At the time, there seemed to be the possibility that Hillary Rodham Clinton had a pretty good chance of being that person. But alas Barack Obama stepped up and history was made with his election. My original idea was to put a picture of our first woman president on this quilt. So even though her photo did not make the quilt I decided to name it after her attempt thus ” Where’s Hillary”.

My second political attempt is the piece shown below on the left titled “Straw Vote”.

"Straw Vote" 36x36inches

“Straw Vote” 36x36inches

This quilt is part of my hay bale series that continues my exploration of the lines in a hay bale. The long line in the lower right hand corner is the “straw vote” that will determine the winner. So do you think that our process of nominating and electing our public officials determines the best person – or maybe a “straw vote” might be an option worth considering?

The piece “Where’s Hillary” will be shown at the University of Connecticut as part of my 2o Year Retrospective – “Line Dances” – July 2nd through October 19th 2012 at the Thomas Dodd Research Center, and the Homer Babbidge Library.

Directions and hours:
(“Straw Vote” was juried into the “Art Quilt Experience” Cazenovia, N. Y. in 2011, was purchased and has a new home.)

About Catherine Whall Smith

Fiber Artist working with contemporary textiles.
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