Catherine Whall Smith suggests quilting from the back of your fiber art

My signature stye of hand quilting can be seen by looking at the back of one of my pieces.

"Lyme Disease - Babosia Strain"  BACK

“Lyme Disease – Babosia Strain” BACK

Several years ago I decided that I needed to focus on the process of hand quilting rather than thinking about the many possibilities of the hand stitching that could be put on the surface of the piece. I also did not want to put any marks – even if they could be removed later – on the top of the quilt. The aha moment came when I decided to make my quilting lines match the printed design on the fabric that was selected for the back of the piece. What a break through – my hand quilting became much faster, as I did not have to constantly make decisions regarding the marks that needed to be made on the surface of the quilt.
"Lyme Disease - Babosia Strain" BACK detail

“Lyme Disease – Babosia Strain” BACK detail

This close up gives you an idea of how this process has served me well. I continue to favor this method – although some of my work is now being hand stitched from the back and the top of the piece. To see the front of this piece visit my show “Line Dances” on the UCONN Storrs campus.

July 2nd through October 19th 2012 Directions and hours:

About Catherine Whall Smith

Fiber Artist working with contemporary textiles.
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