Catherine Smith – continues the journey from Colorado to Copenhagen

"BRUSH STROKES" 39L X 36W CWSmith 2009

Copenhagen - Chairs with Orange Blankets 2011

Copenhagen - Train with Orange Doors 2011

After returning to Connecticut from Denver , I was then on my way to Copenhagen, Denmark – for a week of  Art & Architecture, and shopping.  I actually found some wonderful Orange fabrics right out of the  60’s that I plan to use in one of my pieces.  (Using the color Orange has always been a  wonderful experience for me – such as when I worked on this 2009 quilt titled “Brush Strokes”.   Below are a couple more pictures with that wonderful color Orange – blankets tossed on each chair for warmth at an outdoor cafe and the bright Orange on the train doors – I think the lavender arrows on the side of the train will definitely work their way into a future quilt.  “Which way to Lund?”

About Catherine Whall Smith

Fiber Artist working with contemporary textiles.
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1 Response to Catherine Smith – continues the journey from Colorado to Copenhagen

  1. cool pictures! love the arrows on the train! thanks for sharing your adventures! i trust you kept your glasses in your possession?? xoxo!

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