2010 Hay is for Horses - 42X46 inches (107X117Cm)

Previously -( November 17, 2010 )- I posted a section of a quilt that I was in the process of creating and looking forward to quilting.  Here is the completed piece.

Though many of my pieces are hand-quilted from the back – the back of this piece with it’s amazing vintage color and cowboys on horses did not lend itself to the process. So after hand-quilting along the many seams on the quilt top, I then started to quilt the outline of the lasso lines – which I really liked – so I continued to draw that shape on the back and randomly quilt it over the entire surface.   (Due to some fading along the sides of this fabric, I have a feeling that at one time, this piece was actually a curtain in a child’s room. – Now due to my recycling – it will live on as the back of this piece, maybe destined to return to a child’s room.)

2010 Hay is for Horses (back - vintage fabric)


About Catherine Whall Smith

Fiber Artist working with contemporary textiles.
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One Response to BACK OF THE QUILT

  1. how fun! and the harmony between the color palettes is amazing!

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