Happy New Year’s Eve -Time to look forward . . . time to reflect

Yellow #1 - Lyme Disease - 51L X 45W inches (130 X 115 Cm)

A NEW year – A NEW beginning – NEW work – I’m posting Yellow #1, a piece that I constantly reflect on – completed in 2009 – it was sort of a transition piece of more pure color – little dots and my simple line. The first of the Yellow series, titled Lyme Disease – Babosia strain – hand quilted with 68,000 stitches in late July 2009.  I know the approximate number of stitches due to the fact that I hand quilt very methodical straight lines on my work. The hand stitching connects me to my work and allows me to feel the changes in the weight of the piece and it’s wonderful drape while sewing.

So looking forward to 2011 – one of my goals is to continue this Yellow Series, probably working in a small format of 18 X 24 or 24 X 24 inches; and continuing with the Yellow/Red palette. I still have some of the original fabrics – but I am in search of the Amy Butler – yellow/full moon polka dot fabric – yellow dot with a grey background.  I’ve emailed and searched on line, but I don’t seem to be able to find it. – SO IF YOU HAVE A PIECE IN YOUR STASH – please notify me – smith.catherine62@gmail.com ASAP -who knows YELLOW #?-could be named after you. May HEALTH and HAPPINESS follow you throughout 2011.  . . . CWSmith

About Catherine Whall Smith

Fiber Artist working with contemporary textiles.
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1 Response to Happy New Year’s Eve -Time to look forward . . . time to reflect

  1. I love that you know this! hand quilted with 68,000 stitches

    have you posted your search request on facebook??

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