Catherine Whall Smith . . . Studio Up-Date #3 – ALMOST done!

Yes, almost DONE! – But something is off. Creating in the visual moment means I can adjust my art on my design wall. It goes something like this; I’m almost done and I see an area that “needs something”. Maybe, if I were a painter I assume I would get out my palette to make my piece visually “right”. BUT, with fabric a different process. Once I cut into the 95% finished top – I have to live with the results. SO, moving forward – below is a picture of the slashing line I completed with my scissor, in order to insert a piece of red and white fabric. It looks like this;

Which makes me think I have created the “Right amount of Wrong” as I mentioned in an old blog post. – Catherine Whall Smith . . . wonders what is the “Right amount of Wrong” Posted on August 7, 2018 . Below is the line sewn into the top – so I am just about ready to start putting together the back, middle batting layer, and this top to start the hand-quilting process with the green “Soft Comfort Thimbles” that arrived in the mail today – Happy New Year to me!

Happy New Year’s 2023! Stay Safe . . . Smith Stitch Studio.


About Catherine Whall Smith

Fiber Artist working with contemporary textiles.
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