Catherine Whall Smith . . . knows Christmas is a time of “Sharing & Giving”

This week on Facebook a “Fiber Friend” Sandi Schrader posted the following “with a very heavy heart”. As much as I love quilting and everything that comes with it, it is taking up too much of my time. I am struggling to keep up with the everyday basics of looking after a house, cooking and maintaining my home, so something has to give. I will be getting rid of my stash.

Below is a list of what’s available. 100% top quality. Serious inquiries only, and please don’t insult me with low offers. Cash only. No trades!

Thanks for reading and understanding…

1. Dustpan and broom

2. Sponges

3. Toilet spray

4. Mop and bucket

5. Window cleaner

6. Vacuum

7. Dishwashing liquid

8. Laundry detergent

9. Fabric softener

10. Laundry baskets

11. Toilet brush and

12. Cleaning sprays

– – – If it was only possible to quilt EVERYDAY, ALL DAY!

So in the SPIRIT of Christmas please get vaccinated, get the booster, Wear a MASK! so you don’t SHARE those germs. Stay Safe . . . Smith Stitch Studio!

Happy Holidays and a Happy New Year ! Enjoy the SNOW!

About Catherine Whall Smith

Fiber Artist working with contemporary textiles.
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1 Response to Catherine Whall Smith . . . knows Christmas is a time of “Sharing & Giving”

  1. Joan/Bob Johnson says:

    Such a funny post, lol! Merry Christmas to you and Steve! Joan

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