Catherine Whall Smith. . . thinks Steve did a great job!

There is a lot to celebrate today – it’s Connecticut’s “Hang-A-Quilt” Day; and Juneteenth is now a Federal holiday – the annual celebration commemorating the day when the last enslaved African-Americans were informed that they were free.

Below is a picture of my husband Steve hanging my two pieces. LEFT is “Heating Up the Hay” (c. 2010) and on RIGHT is “Where the Red Moon Rises’ (c. 1991). I think the color of both pieces looks great, even though they are over 10 – 30 years old. So which quilt will you be hanging today? Stay Safe . . . Smith Stitch Studio

About Catherine Whall Smith

Fiber Artist working with contemporary textiles.
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1 Response to Catherine Whall Smith. . . thinks Steve did a great job!

  1. Nancy Whitcher says:

    Great work hanging..!! I can not comment on your blog..not sure why N


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