Catherine Whall Smith . . . KNOWS she will be HOME for Christmas 2020.

Will you be home for Xmas or taking a “Road Trip” REAL or SURREAL? Right now the thought of being able to travel keeps me hopeful!  Fellow artist Dawn Allen has documented her personal journey as an artist in a new publication “Great American Road Trip”. Check out her vintage car art . A master at her art who has developed new techniques in fiber art – her digital art is something to see.  Each car will bring you back to memory lane.  So check out to see what I mean. She is a master of “Practice makes Perfect”!

Just as your body gets stronger when you exercise, your creativity strengthens when you take it for a metaphorical trip. It needs regular exercise. Creativity develops with regular practice.  I practice in my studio every day – the more I travel there the more I explore new ways to interpret my line. Plus I like alone time. My third floor studio doesn’t allow many visitors, but it does have a great view now that the 100 ft. evergreen is gone.

Right now the “Ruth Snow Bowen” quilt is one of my go to projects. Her photo images were digitally applied to treated cotton and I thought a simple Log Cabin block would work well. Ruth a famous Connecticut quilt maker and a former neighbor of mine was a master at the “Grandmother’s Flower Garden” format. She obviously did more than her 10,000 hours of practice to perfect her craft!


Wishing everyone “A Merry Christmas”!  According to the Gospel of Matthew three wise men took a “Road Trip”* to Bethlehem and found the divine child Jesus Christ, twelve days after his birth. Today maybe it’s better to Stay Home – Stay Safe . . . Smith Stitch Studio!


About Catherine Whall Smith

Fiber Artist working with contemporary textiles.
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