Catherine Whall Smith . . . “Where’s Hillary and “Here’s Hillary”- where are they now!

Before the 2008 Election, I started working on a piece that I thought would celebrate the nomination of Hillary Clinton as the Democrats Presidential candidate. History changed my focus when Barack Obama became the nominee. Thus the completed piece shown below was appropriately titled “Where’s Hillary”*, all of our former presidents were pictured on this piece – but where was Hillary?

“Where’s Hillary” DETAILS





At that time I also tried to document my stitching by approximating the number of hand stitches in each piece.  Basically I do about 13 hand stitches per inch – so measuring the piece (48H x 54W) and counting the rows side to side which for this piece is 71 rows – each row is 48 inches long – I multiply 71 x 48 = 3,408 inches. Then multiplying by 13 giving me an approximate total vertical stitch count of 44,304. PLUS, a vertical section on the bottom of 7 rows across the 54 inch width. (54 in. x 7 rows x 13 = 4,914)

So, 44,304+4,914=49,218 hand-stitches in “Where’s Hillary”!

Another thing I am Counting: – the number of days till the November 3rd ELECTION.

So what are you counting?

* “Where’s Hillary”– PREVIOUS blog posts on this piece: Catherine Whall Smith thinks . . . RED is my new favorite color, Posted on September 28, 2016  and, Catherine Whall Smith . . . is getting ready for the final PRESIDENTIAL DEBATE 2016 Posted on October 19, 2016

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Stay Safe – Smith Stitch Studio!

About Catherine Whall Smith

Fiber Artist working with contemporary textiles.
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