Catherine Whall Smith . . . in the garden waiting for the “LOCUSTS to COME”!

Really, Not Really – LOCUSTS! Shortly after getting our electric power back I received an email from our First Selectman Bill Rose, indicating that now we needed to be on the look out for mosquitoes carrying the eastern equine encephalitis (EEE) virus.  Oh boy, what next?” Sounds a little biblical – but HAY we will get through this.

Our vegetable garden took a hit – hot, dry, etc.  I tried to think back to previous posts when everything was green, lush and I would sit outside stitching.  I even have a painting by Artist Barbara Lussier of doing just that;

To see more of her art visit

Studio Up-date: “Hay . . . Keep Your Distance #11” is almost ready to come off my design wall. This piece has a coffee theme, with coffee beans and coffee cups. The printed fabric around the hay bale shows small bottles of milk.  Hmmm, does milk still come in glass bottles?  I remember when our children were school age and Mountain Dairy would deliver glass bottles of milk to our home. Schools will be opening soon, if not already – a little scary! “Research has coalesced on a few key points about what types of settings increase the risk that an infectious person will pass the virus on to others. The closer you are to someone infectious and the longer you’re in contact with them, the more likely you are to contract the virus. Being indoors is worse, face coverings reduce the amount of virus projected, but aren’t total blockades.”

STAY SAFE ! . . . Smith Stitch Studio



About Catherine Whall Smith

Fiber Artist working with contemporary textiles.
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