Catherine Whall Smith . . . shares the VIRTUAL CAFA show, and the REAL GALLERY 53 Show.

So, I’m a little late on Friday’s blog post.  – – Like most of Connecticut – we lost power on Tuesday, and may not get it back till next Tuesday. Below is the information that I had planned to share;


2020 – Connecticut Academy of Fine Arts – This “virtual” exhibition has been posted on the CAFA website starting July 18th through September 5th, 2020. My piece “Hay . . . Keep Your Distance” can be seen in the virtual Mixed category. Fellow Artist Phyllis Small’s piece “Making Tracks” can also be seen in this category.

FROM CAFA:  “Despite all of the upheaval, uncertainty, and the new concept of an exhibition presented in a virtual format, there was a tremendous outpouring of affirmation and unity that came forth amongst the CAFA community. The influx of entries was rather unexpected; an impressive intake of 643 original works, 310 talented artists, and a show of complete loyalty and support for this long standing art organization. These artists are to be commended for their unyielding display of self-expression and complete love and respect of their own talents.

This year’s show is a reminder of what we can create while living under unusual circumstances. 160 pieces of remarkable works representing a great range of subject matter and mediums, individual style and clever implementation. Works celebrating the human spirit, nature in all its finest forms, the subtle and bold use of light, the stillness in a sensitively captured still life, subdued and gregarious color combinations. All of it displayed side by side, no two the same, mixed but unified — the way it ought to be.

AND – THE GALLERY 53 -Textile Show 2020: “The Fabric of Our Lives” is an open entry show co-sponsored with Studio Art Quilt Associates Connecticut Region (SAQACT).




On Exhibit: August 8 – August 27, 2020
​This show is a wonderful opportunity for you to view a REAL SHOW of Fiber Art created by many of the members of Connecticut’s SAQA.   Don’t miss this one. Please check out their website for images, I think they should be posted this week.

NOTE: When you visit GALLERY 53 to see the real show you are required to wear a mask when you enter their Gallery and Amazing Store.

Stay Safe . . . Wear a Mask!                      Smith Stitch Studio

About Catherine Whall Smith

Fiber Artist working with contemporary textiles.
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