Catherine Whall Smith . . . shares her process START to FINISH!


Today, I thought I would share my “improvisational” piecing process using five images;

#1 – The fabric piece with red dots on a white background has been laid on top of the background fabric.

#2 – Next I use the edge of the fabric piece as my guide to cut through the back ground fabric.

#3 – Once  that line is stitched in place I can move onto making decisions regarding the placement of more lines as shown below on my design wall;

#4 –  Another section (shown below) already has some lines so is now ready for another green line. My see through ruler allows me to position it so that I can create the proper placement of the top green line. Once the line is slashed I can then complete this section.

#5  – Pressing is an important part of the process – press each line after it is stitched in place.

Don’t be hesitant to try this “Slash and Stitch” method of creating your Fiber Art.

NOTE: “So do what you think you can’t”- not sure what that means – but it struck  a cord with me. It goes beyond “just do it”.  As an artist start with what you know you can do or master and then move on to create that “do what you can’t ” master piece!


About Catherine Whall Smith

Fiber Artist working with contemporary textiles.
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