Catherine Whall Smith . . . admits the color blue is working it’s way into her art!

The color BLUE is working it’s way onto my studio design wall. Blue is obviously the theme for the Smith’s Christmas tree this year.  Last year’s fake white tree has been taken out of the attic – a variety of BLUE Xmas balls were purchased and hung – some silver ornaments were added – DONE! So for some reason I started to get the urge to visit “the blue fabric stash” in my studio.  Here are some of my choices; Like most artists I am always thinking of “the next piece”. – – the idea of “Transformation/Blue Bloods” has been forming.  It won’t be a large piece like my present “Transfusion in TWO PARTS” – which is almost complete – but smaller maybe 36H x 24W.  I plan to share some of my progress.  But for now there is still some Christmas shopping to be done, so that there will actually be some more presents under our “Blue” tree.

How about you is that TREE UP YET!!! Merry Christmas!

About Catherine Whall Smith

Fiber Artist working with contemporary textiles.
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