Catherine Whall Smith . . . continues the “Stay Tuned” on “Explorations: Journeys in Creativity”

On, April 27th I posted information on “Explorations: Journeys in Creativity, The Quilt Artist’s Studio”.  The aim of this exhibit is to educate the viewer about particular art quilting techniques and each artists passion for their creative process in their studio.  Included in this April 27th post was a picture of my studio design wall showing the start of  “Transfusion #6”.

Today, on June 27th – just 2 months later I am happy to share that the piece is complete!! The fabric for the back has been selected and the three layers (top, batting, and back) have been basted together on a flat surface, actually my dining room table.  Lining up the middle of the top and the center of the back are key to my signature hand quilting technique.  This technique uses the printed design as my guide lines for my hand stitching.  Lois Palmer, a certified quilt appraiser is in the process of appraising it before I send it on to the New England Quilt Museum  (NEQM) in Lowell, MA.  The first opening will showcase 12 of the 24 selected artists on October 13th, 2018; and the second opening has been moved to April 6th, 2019.  The timing of the completion on my piece is perfect.  I will be heading down to the R. I. shore  for a week and to celebrate the July 4th holiday.  Oh, and I just packed something to hand quilt while sitting on the beach.  Happy Independence Day!  It’s going to be a GREAT ONE!


About Catherine Whall Smith

Fiber Artist working with contemporary textiles.
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