Catherine Whall Smith . . . thinks it is time to start “Here’s Hillary”

So, summer 2016 has been hot, and busy.  I was able to enter two local juried shows.  “Artistic Wanderings 2016” all mediums – Norwich Art Center Galleries, Norwich CT. August 3 – August 27th. At this show “In the Hay Field/Night” was awarded the Alice Clark Hubbard Prize.  And the Connecticut Women Artists 86th Annual National Open Juried Show at the Slater Memorial Museum in Norwich, CT,  “Final Resting Place” received a Third Place prizeEXHIBITION DATES: Saturday, August 20 – Friday, September 23, 2016.  So there is still time to check out that all media show at the Slater.    And, I actually finished the last of three pieces that I just entered into the Biennial show “Quilt National 2017”.  The tips of my left hand have been needle pricked thousands of times from my hand quilting, so a nice dark callous is starting to form. The thimble finger nail on my right hand always looks a little weird – not sure if it is from the use of the sterling silver thimble or something else.  Time to move on – the studio is somewhat tidy and it is now time to work on a much anticipated piece “Here’s Hillary”.  Check out a section of my design panel with some fabric being “auditioned”.

%22Here's Hillary%22_detail

Of course they have to have that patriotic look of RED, WHITE, and BLUE! I especially like the lip fabric on the left hand side – so I will definitely use that – the rest is still up in the air. The shapes and lines will be determined by the first piece I did in 2008 titled “Where’s Hillary”.  This piece (below) has been exhibited many times. Started early in 2008 – it has images of many of our presidents – my plan was to insert Hillary’s picture when she became our next president – but fate step in and president Barack Obama was nominated by the Democratic Party.  WHERE'S HILLARY copyFrom time to time before the election in November, I plan to post this “work in progress”.  Oh, and don’t forget to VOTE ON NOVEMBER 8TH.  I guess you know who I will be voting for – who will you?

About Catherine Whall Smith

Fiber Artist working with contemporary textiles.
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