Catherine Whall Smith finally got her “Cow Girl” boots!

Last May 2011, while attending the annual SAQA (Studio Art Quilt Associates) meeting in Denver, Colorado, I had a little time to do some shopping and dining with close friends Rita Hannafin, and Cynthia Long of CYN WORKS ( While out, I spotted a beautiful pair of leather boots that “almost fit” – they were very patriotic, red, white, and, blue leather with amazing heart cut outs and beautiful stitching. I tried to rationalize buying them, even though they were not a good fit – maybe they were beautiful enough to just look at from time to time. Well, I did not buy them, but thought of them many times – the workmanship was just wonderful. – – In creating my quilts I try to use the best workmanship that I can and are constantly refining my hand stitching to ensure beautiful quilting lines across the surface of the piece. Fast forward from last May to a recent trip to “Treasures” in Old Lyme, Connecticut when my husband spotted these new boots by Ariat – the fit was perfect – "Rolling in the Hay" CWSmith with "Cowgirl Boots"So even though they aren’t “Red, White, and Blue” they do go well with my piece “Rolling in the Hay” photographed in the background. – This quilt will be included in my 20 Year Retrospective at the University of Connecticut from July 8th through October 12th, 2012. So, should I wear my “Cow Girl” boots to the opening – what do you think??

About Catherine Whall Smith

Fiber Artist working with contemporary textiles.
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3 Responses to Catherine Whall Smith finally got her “Cow Girl” boots!

  1. of course you should wear them to the opening! they’re beautiful!!

  2. Thanks, Cyn they are at the top of my “to wear” list

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