Think GREEN – Plein Air Quilting!!

Plen Air Quilting – February 2011
Like most of you in the Northeast, I am looking forward to seeing GREEN once again.  On a bright sunny February day, I decided to enjoy the outdoors and do a little .  . .  “Plein Air Quilting” . As you can see, I’ve settled into a small spot to enjoy my view and work on one of my “Small Studies”   I decided to put some of these “Small Studies” together  and have started hand quilting one of them.  The back is visible with it’s bright red dots.  I am quilting straight lines between the dots – by eye balling the space -thus eliminating any chalk or pencil marks.  When they are finished – I’ll post these “Small Studies” transformed into larger pieces – and “Plein Air Quilted”.  Keep Thinking GREEN!

About Catherine Whall Smith

Fiber Artist working with contemporary textiles.
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